Sunday, 27 April 2014

Liverpool FC maiden post

Being a self proclaimed Liverpool FC fan, I noticed that I haven’t post anything about Liverpool FC. Well, this is the maiden post.

Liverpool FC will be playing Chelsea FC in a little bit 2.5 hours time in a home game in Anfield. A win in this game will put Liverpool in a strong position to win the elusive Barclays Premier League for the first time in 24 years, having won the trophy 18 times during the old English league era. A win tonight would also eliminate Chelsea from winning the title with two games to go. Then, the only threat will be from the Noisy Neighbour, Manchester City, to snatch the title away from LFC. This is pulsating times for all LFC fans around the world.

I have been a LFC supporter since my childhood days, that’s over two and a half decade. Even my first name was named after the LFC legend, Kevin Keegan. You see, my pa and I are ardent Liverpool fans, that’s why the firstname, Keegan. Though in direct Chinese translation, “Keegan” may well mean “insane”, but what the heck, insane is as insane does. And Keegan grew up to become an erotica writer!

Next season, LFC will compete in the European Champions League, after a four years absence. I would love the chance to watch a CL game in Anfield for the time first albeit visiting Anfield for the first time. This visit was also elusive for me over an eight years period. I have long planned to go Anfield to become one of the “12th player” of Liverpool but time was not kind enough to me. First, there was the birth of my first son, then the second, then came a period of career change and the latter’s stabilization period. I gathered that next year would be the year, the year I visit the legendary Anfield before they eventually shift to a new stadium. It is Anfield that I wanted to visit and live the euphoria during matchday!

Now, it’s time for me to go prepare myself for the big game against Chealse FC. Match is starting in little over 2 hours. Dinner and glue myself in front of the TV set. 3 more points for LFC tonight. YNWA! Make us dream! 25th title! Go Gerrard and co.!

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